Sunday, September 08, 2019

2019 Fall TV Preview

2019 Fall Preview issue
It's September and time for another batch of new TV shows to show up on cable television. I'm one of the few still subscribed to cable TV. I don't want to have to subscribe to a bunch of different services such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO. I like to be able to turn my TV on and see my shows all in one place. Before the fragmenting of cable TV with all these new cable-cutting services, September was an exciting time for me with ALL the new shows available on my TV. Sadly now with myself having cable, I get all the new 'cable' shows, but there are shows on other services that I will not have a chance to watch, such as two recent shows that I have yet to have the opportunity to see, Daredevil and the Tick.
The TV Week Fall Preview issue is out now, and this seasons list of new shows on cable is looking rather anemic for my tastes. Lets dive in and see what I'll be checking out this fall. I will give each show a rating out of 5 for how much I am looking forward to it - 5 being the ones I am most excited about:

• Batwoman (4) I love Batman, so this could be interesting. I also love the CW show Flash, so if this is as good as that I may continue watching. Sadly I didn't stick with Gotham (a show based in the Batman universe), as I found it to much like a teen soap opera, with too little Batman to keep me tuning in. I have a feeling this one will be the same.

• Bless the Harts (2) This is an animated Fox show that could be fun, but from the photo shown, the art style looks to much like the crapy style of Bobs Burgers which I'm not a fan of. Its also sandwiched in a block of animation that doesn't appeal to me. The Simpsons are good, but after all these years, I don't feel the need to watch it any longer and Bobs Burgers and Family Guy are not shows I watch.

• Bob Hearts Abishola (1) Its a sitcom (something there are not many of these days) which I like, so I will give it a shot, but I'm not expecting much.

• Nancy Drew (3) I was a big fan of the Hardy Boys when I was young, and recently I read a monthly Nancy Drew comic book, so will give this a chance. But, because it is on the CW, I am expecting it to be for a much younger audience than myself.

• Carol's Second Act (4) Another sitcom, so I'll automatically give it a try. And I loved The Middle, so it could be fun seeing Patrica Heaton on this new show.

• Sunnyside (2) I'll give this a try. Depending on how much I like the cast, this could be a fun show.

Each fall season seems to get less interesting and this year with only 6 shows I am planning on checking out, this is probably the least amount of shows I have planned on watching ever. And the mid season show list doesn't look any more promising. From the very short descriptions of the 27 mid season shows, there is not one that looks interesting enough to have me looking forward February. Hopefully next weeks issue of TV Week, with the returning favourites and new specialty shows, will be a little more promising.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Batman's Dostoyevsky Comics

Here is a Batman story you have probably never seen before. Its from Masterpiece comics (Where classics and cartoons collide!) by R. Sikoryak, first edition 2009. One of the stories in the book is this one titled "Crime and Punishment!"
Dostoyevsky Comics











Sunday, August 11, 2019

Old Time Photo Studio

Vintage western style photograph, Mall photo studio, 1980, Cowboy, Sheriff
Back in the 1980's it seemed like just about every mall had an 'Old Time Photo Studio' where they had all kinds of props and backdrops to make you look like you had gone back in time to the 1900's. Some time in the mid 80's my grandparents visited us, and one day while they were here we ended up in just such a place. The only thing I can remember about the photo shoot was that the gun in my holster was supposed to be on my right hand side, but then it could not been seen, so we turned it backwards and I became a left handed shooter for the photo. I love that I (the sheriff) look very serious and my older sister (my mom) looks like she is very 'high society'. My grandparents look like they are so proud to be having one of these 'new fangled' photos taken of them!
It was probably pretty expensive at the time, but 30 years later it's a pretty awesome memento of one of my few visits with my grandparents.

Monday, August 05, 2019

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Banjo Blues

Faux Disney Oswald One Sheet Theater Poster, A Winkler Production by Walt Disney

Back in June I came across the Heritage Auctions site which was auctioning off a huge lot of Disney animation artwork, production cells etc. I downloaded a bunch of the amazing artwork, including this great background painting from The Black Cauldron. On the same site were some great images of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. I have scanned and printed a few of the old Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon movie posters which are hanging on my wall. I decided to make one more to add to my collection of Oswald movie posters. Above is the poster I made for my faux Oswald cartoon titled "Banjo Blues". Below you can see the original background painting from the Black Cauldron, a second version shows the Oswald drawing I used. While I was at it, I also made a "Banjo Blues" desktop wallpaper for my iMac.

Disney, background animation artwork

Disney, Oswald, faux Oswald the Lucky Rabbit poster

Disney, Original Oswald Promo Poster for animated cartoon

 The last picture is a faux title card I made a long time ago, for the Oswald cartoon "Cats Me'Ow" which you won't find in a history book because I made it up!

Faux Disney Oswald the Lucky Rabbit animated Title Card, A winkler Production

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Club Membership Card

Disney, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Sometimes I find myself obsessed with the idea of something or other. Recently I was thinking about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and how interesting it would have been if Walt Disney had not lost the rights to this character and had built his media empire on the back of Oswald instead of Mickey.
In the 2005 Disney Editions book "The Disney Keepsakes" by Robert Tieman, there is a replica of a Mickey Mouse Club membership card from 1929. The front of the card shows a smiling Mickey Mouse and lists the club chapter number and name, and has a space for the members name to be written along with a membership number. There is also a place for "Chief Mickey Mouse" to sign the card. The back of the card has the Mickey Mouse Club Creed:
I will be a square shooter in my home, in school, on the playgrounds, where-ever I may be.
I will be truthful and honorable and strive, always, to make myself a better and more useful little citizen.
I will respect my elders and help the aged, the helpless and children smaller than myself.
In short, I will be a good American!
After seeing this, I started thinking about what it would have looked like if there was no Mickey Mouse and instead we had an Oswald Club. I took a photo I found online of a Mickey Mouse Membership Card and turned it into an Oswald Club Membership Card which now has a spot in my collection! It makes me smile every time I see it there displayed amongst my other official Disney collectables.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Felix the Cat

The Felix the Cat Song by The Criketone Singers and Orchestra

While shuffling through lots of junk at a local thrift shop, I found two really cool Felix the Cat records. The first is a Cricket Records Play Hour long playing record. from 1959.  As soon as I got home I put it on my turn table and had a listen. What I found was the theme song from the Felix the Cat cartoons and them four stories read with limited sound effects and no Felix the Cat voice. I am always reading stuff on Mark Evanier's blog about kids albums and how he would be really disappointed when he would listen to a cartoon record and the voice from the cartoon would not be on the record. In this case, they don't even have anyone doing the voice. Its just a story teller telling us the story. So, other than the theme song that starts each side of the album, the rest of the album is barely worth the one time listen.
The second record is a Cricket Records 45 from 1953, again with the Felix the Cat song and The Cat's March on the reverse side. I had not listened to this one yet, but just now as I check out the label on the centre of the record, I saw that The Felix the Cat Song was by the Criketone Chorus & Orchestra and The Cat March is by the Cricketeer Marching Band, so I decided to give it a listen. Sadly, when I tried to play it, it didn't work at 33 rpm or 45 rpm. A quick look on wikipedia and I found this:

Cricket Records was a children's label operated by the Long Island, USA based Pickwick Sales Corp., more commonly known as Pickwick Records, and headed by Seymour "Cy" Leslie. Pickwick owned and operated several budget labels; Cricket is significant in that it may have been one of the very last American 78 rpm labels to operate at the end of the 78 rpm era.

So sadly, I didn't get t hear it, or last least not the way it was supposed to sound. It was more of a reverse Alvin and the Chipmunks sound!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Disney on TCM - December 20, 2017

Its Times for Disney on TCM once again on September 11, 2017. Here is what is scheduled to be shown:
Brave Little Taylor (1938)
The Story of Robin Hood and His Merry Men (1952)
The Sign of Zorro (1960)
Tricks of our Trade (1957)
Pete's Dragon (1977)
Fuzzbucket (1986)
I've got my PVR all set to record the entire evening, how about you?

Friday, September 08, 2017

Disney on TCM - Sept 11, 2017

Its Times for Disney on TCM once again on September 11, 2017. I've got my PVR all set to record the entire evening, how about you?

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dairy Queen's Refreshing Ice Drink, Mr. Misty

Dairy Queen Refreshing Icy Drink, Mr. Misty

When I was a kid, I loved slushies, but 7-11 Slurpees were not common in my area, so I got my slushies at Dairy Queen, and they were called Mr. Misty. In the 80's I had a Dairy Queen right across the street from my house, and I spent lots of time there watching this little sign spinning on the top of the Mr. Misty machine. I remember asking one day, "if you ever change that sign and are getting rid of it, please put it aside for me as I would love it!". Sure enough, one day they changed the name of their slushies to Arctic Rush and the Mr. Misty sign was gone from the top of the machine. When the girl behind the counter saw me, she quickly started digging around under the counter and pulled out this sign and handed it to me. She wasn't sure why I wanted it, but thankfully she had remembered me asking about it more than a year earlier and saved it for me.
After googling Mr. Misty, I know really want to head to Dairy Queen for an orange Mr. Misty (Arctic Rush) ice cream float! Yum!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Betty & Veronica Original Artwork Page

I got my first original comic book artwork page at a recent comic con. I have always wanted to purchase actual original comic book art, but the starting price is usually in the hundreds, so is out of my price range. To my delight, I was able to pick up this page from Betty & Veronica Summer Special #244 for just $35. I also managed to get the comic book that it appeared in which was an added bonus. I can't wait to have it framed so I can hang it in my office.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2016 Fall Returning Series

Ok, so lets have a look at what returning TV shows are worth watching, and which of my favorite shows didn't make it to the new season.

Here is the list of returning shows that I will be tuning into this fall (I'll give each show a rating out of 5 for how much I am looking forward to it - 5 being the ones I am most excited about):

• 2 Broke Girls (3) - I really liked this show at first, but last season it was not must see TV for me.

• Big Bang Theory (5) - This show is always fun. I am really surprised that all my co-workers who are not into anything nerdy, all seem to love this show. I did already see the first episode of this season, and was a little let down. Hopefully next episode the show will be back to form.

• Blackish (3) - Another show that I did really like, but that I had lost interest in. But they have me very interested in the first episode this season as they are going to Walt Disney World.

• Brooklyn Nine-Nine (5) - I believe this is my current favorite show. Great cast, and always funny!

• Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (4) - A great show when you can fast forward through the cheesy song and dance numbers.

• Elementary (4) - A very solid detective show, with just enough humor to keep me coming back.

• The Goldbergs (5) - Another favorite of mine. I'm so glad it caught on and has become as popular as it has become. I assumed that because I liked it, it would be canceled, but here it is back for season 4.

• The Flash (4) - I am a huge comic book fan and have always loved the Flash so this is a great treat. I love that I can share this show with my son, who also loves watching.

The Last Man on Earth (2) - Another show I really liked at first, but last season I was not really enjoying it too much. This may be a show that I stop watching after the first couple of episodes this season unless it does something amazing to hook me back in.

• Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3) This show is a bit of a mixed bag in quality of episodes. Last season, for every great episode there was a real dud. Hopefully there will be more great episodes to duds this season.

• Modern Family (3) - A good show, that I mostly keep watching because it is sandwhiched between other shows I like.

• Saturday Night Live (3) - I usually watch the show, and there is almost always something worth watching in the show. The news segment is usually the best part.

• Supernatural (4) - After more than 10 years, I have faded in and out from watching, but found myself looking forward to the episodes last season. I'll be back watching on a regular basis for this coming 12th season.

• Superstore (5) - A very funny new show. Hopefully season two will be just as good as the first. I am a little disappointed that this show made it to season two and TeleNova (which debuted at the same mid season as Superstore) did not, as I liked the later just a bit more that Superstore.

• The Walking Dead (5) - The only show that I always watch live. And I always watch the following Talking Dead, as I don't have friends to talk to the show about, so this is my version of the work water cooler talk - although I don't think the people on TV ever listen to me when I give my opinions.

Here are the cancelled shows that I am sad to see go:

• Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. - Not sure why I liked this show so much as I didn't really like the Karaoke segments, and some of the other segments seemed a little forced, but still it was a fun show in the style of those shows my mom used to watch when I was a youngster.

• Galavant - I was really disappointed to see this one cancelled, when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend received so much praise. Galavant was by far the funny show and had much better song and dance numbers.

• The Grinder - I thought this show was supper funny, but my friends told me it was awful. Apparently they knew more than I did.

• The Muppets - Although I kept watching this show, I didn't think it was all that great. I was just thrilled to see the Muppets back on TV.

• TeleNova - I thought this was the funniest show on TV last season. It seems no one else agreed with me.

• You, Me and the Apocalypse - I enjoyed this show and the fact that it has been cancelled, mean I will never get to see how it ends?

• Undateable - This was by far my most looked forward to show each week. I enjoyed the show during the first season, and when they went to 'live' episodes last season, I was totally hooked. I watched both the East coast and West coast version, as it was fun to see how they changed it up for the second version 3 hours later. I wonder who many others were watching both episodes each week? If they were to release a DVD set of last with both the East coast and West coast versions, I would plunk my cash down to own this, but my guess is this show will never make it to DVD. Too bad.

Friday, September 16, 2016

2016 Fall TV Preview

It's fall, and that means many things, but most importantly, it means the new fall TV season is upon us! Each fall I look forward to picking up the fall preview issues of TV Guide, or in more recent years, TV Week, as TV Guide ceased releasing print editions 10 years ago. As long as TV Week continues to put our their print editions, I will be happily plunking my money down for the Fall Preview issue and Returning Series issues each new season.
As you can see from the cover of the Fall Preview issue, there are 53 new shows this season. Here is a list of the seven shows (including two midseason shows) I will be tuning in to and checking out this fall (I'll give each show a rating out of 5 for how much I am looking forward to it - 5 being the ones I am most excited about):

• Son of Zorn (2) - This one looks pretty lame, but the premise of putting an animated character into the real world is at least worth a look.

• Kevin Can Wait (4) - TV Week says, "Do you miss King of Queens so much that you'd watch the exact same show, but with other actors in pace of that show's great supporting cast? Then boy oh boy does CBS have a sitcom for you!" King of Queens rip off... ok, I'm in.

• Man with a Plan (4) - New sitcom with Matt Leblanc. I loved Friends and Episodes, so will try this one out as well.

• The Great Outdoors (3) - I liked Joel McHale in Community, so will give this one a whirl. I'm guessing this one won't make it through the first season though.

• Macgyver (3) - I never watched the original, but this new one is gonna have a tough time living up to McGruber!

• Imaginary Mary (5) - A show with Jenna Elfman and an imaginary (Muppet style) friend. If its any good, it could be my new favourite show.

• Riverdale (1) - Based on the Archie comics, this one is being billed as a bizarre 're-imagining' of the Archie world. I have just started to appreciate the old cartoony Archie comics, but have not been interested in the new updated realistic/gritty style comics. This new show seems more like the newer Archie, so probably one episode will be enough.

All in all, a pretty disappointing fall season. At least we have next weeks Returning Series issue of TV Week to see which of the shows I liked from last season made the leap to this new season. I already know my favourite show didn't make the cut.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Caroline's Wonderful Journey

Pierre Probst

Here is another Caroline book by Pierre Probst. This one is Caroline's Wonderful Journey from 1966. This copy is printed and mad ein Great Britain by Wm. Collins & Sons & Co. Ltd, 1972.
I love these oversized 9 x 12 inch books with their wonderful full page artwork. Its so much fun to flip through and take in all the amazingly fun artwork. I Spent some time and scanned the cover along with 4 of my favorite images from inside the book. Enjoy. And be sure to click on them to see them at full size.

Pierre Probst

Piere Probst

Pierre Probst

Piere Probst

Monday, August 01, 2016

Irwin the Disco Duck

Here is a super awesome looking album I picked up the thrift shop recently. It has spent a few weeks in their glass case with a bunch of other kids records, all way over priced at $10 each, then on my most recent visit, I found this album had been moved to the regular floor records with a new price of just $1.99. I happily bought it and brought it home. I really like the artwork on the cover, and decided to Google George Peed. It turns hes done a ton of really great cover artwork for kids records, some of which I already own!
Peter Pan Records, Irwin the Disco Duck, George Peed

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hollywod Tower Hotel Evicted from DCA

The Awesome Hollywood Tower Hotel at Disney's DCA

Like something from a schlocky Saturday afternoon horror movie, Disney announced at the San Diego Comic Con that they were removing the best ride in Disney's California Adventure to replace it with a ride based on that Guardians of the Galaxy movie from a few years ago.
At DCA many of their attractions are close to off the shelve rides with little to no real theming. But there is the Radiator Springs Racers and the Hollywood Tower of Terror attractions which have some of the best immersive theming Disney has ever done. The theming, the build up and the actual ride for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is spot on perfect. How you could decide to give it an unnecessary make over which most likely will not live up to what we currently have makes no sense. Whats next, change the Radiator Springs Racers into the Marvel Iron Man Road Rally once the next Iron Man movie does really well?
I don't mind if they want to add Guardians into the park, but removing something amazing just to shoehorn in some recent IP you hope to shove down peoples throats is not the way to do it.
Could they not just add this new attraction to Star Wars land and say they are expanding the world of Star Wars to include the Guardians of the Galaxy. Or, once Star Wars land opens, why not stuff the Guardians into the space (haha, that's funny) where Star Tours is now.
A HUGE BOO to Disney for this one!
The very silly looking, out of place thing to replace Tower of Terror

Head on over to Save the Tower! and sign the petition against the removal of the Tower of Terror. Not that Disney will change their mind, but as of writing this post they have 29,717 supporters.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Stuck on Gilligan's Island!

Stuck on Gilligan's Island

Below are scans of the membership form I received in the mail when I first wrote to The Original Gilligan's Island Fan Club back in the 90's. As you can see from the form they sent me, for just $15 you received a subscription to the quarterly newsletter "Island News" a membership card and a "Stuck on Gilligan's Island" t-shirt. I wore my shirt until just recently when it finally started falling apart beyond repair. I decided to take a few photos before I shoved it into a bottle and sent it out to sea (OK, I actually folded it up and put it into a box with a bunch of my other Gilligan's Island collection).
My actual shirt is in pretty rough shape, with a few holes, a really worn out collar and lots of fading, but with a little Photoshop magic, I was able to take the logo that I photographed from my ratty old shirt and add it to a brand new shirt that looks just like it did when it showed up in my mailbox over 20 years ago.
Gilligans Island t-shirt

At some point this summer I might finally get around to scanning in a few of the Island News newsletters to post here on my blog.
Island News fan club newsletter

Island News fan club newsletter

Monday, July 18, 2016

Fun at the San Diego Comic Con

Its almost time for San Diego Comic-Con again and as every other year, I won't be there. But at least I can comb the internet looking for great Comic-Con photos. Here are two of my favorites from previous years.
Space Ghost makes a landline call to his pal Zorak for a ride home

Peter Parker runs outta web fluid and must resort to alternative travel methods

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Disneyland Atlantean Encounter Sub Voyage

Disney Atlantean Encounter Sub Ride
Back in 2008 I posted a faux poster I created in photoshop for Atlantis Expedition an attraction I dearly wanted to see at Disneyland in the submarine lagoon where the original sub attraction had been closed since 1998. Some time later I came across a blog Disneyland Nomenclature where they posted a great story about Atlantean Encounter, a proposed attraction that some Imagineers at Disney were working on. If you have any interest in seeing what we could have gotten instead of the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride, check out their post. In that post they showed an proposed attraction poster for the Atlantean Encounter. My head still spins thinking about how incredible a sub attraction themed to Atlantis could have been. Sadly the movie sank at the box office and the Atlantean Encounter never came to be.

Monday, June 27, 2016

RUM... Make America Great Again

Here is a sign I saw today while down in the US. It took me a few seconds to figure out what I was looking at, but when I got it, I giggled so much we had to do a U Turn and drive by again real slow so I could take a photo out the window as we drove by.
Donald Trump political sign

Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Denny's Location Is Open for Business

I've been wanting a Denny's to open in my neighbourhood for years. Apparently all my wishing has made it happen, as the old Pantry location on King George Boulevard which has been vacant for some time, has now become a Denny's. They opened on May 2nd, 2016, and I was there to enjoy a Super Bird sandwich with seasoned fries and a Cherry Coke. I've been back a few time since and even stopped by last night at midnight for a Grand Slam breakfast (with one modification, mine came with chocolate chip pancakes). I wasn't sure how busy they would be at midnight, but turns out I'm not the only one who was hungry at midnight last night.
Sadly, one of the evenings recently when we stopped by for dinner, they were closed, with a sign saying they were 'closed for filming'. I initially assumed they were filming a Denny's ad, but after thinking about it, I realize that I don't remember seeing ads for Denny's on TV in the last few years. With all the movie productions in the area, it could as easily be filming for a TV show or movie. It's possible I will be seeing Sam and Dean eating at a greasy spoon that looks really familiar on an upcoming episode of Supernatural.
As thrilled as I am with a new Denny's in my neighbourhood, I do wish that this one had the retro look of their older restaurants. Even the sign out front is still in the shape of the old Pantry sign. I guess i will have to go with the old saying that "whats important is whats on the inside", and so far I have been more than happy with what I have had "inside" this Denny's location.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

New Adventures of Gilligan on DVD

Warner Archive comic book ad, Secret Squirrel, Adom Ant, Snorks
Advertising works on me. I finished reading Detective Comics #52 and was putting it away when I noticed the ad on the back page. I believe I may have made some sort of "Ooh" sound as I saw the Warner Archive ad advertiging The New Adventures of Gilligan, the complete series Now on DVD!
I am a huge fan of Gilligan's Island, and remember watching the Groovie Goolies show before school every morning in the 70's and 80's hoping to see an episode of The New Adventures of Gilligan. It may not have been the best cartoon on TV, but I have been waiting for this to come out as an official release for years. Back in the 90's while I was a member of the Gilligan's Island Fan Club, I managed to purchase a few episodes of this animated series that had been transferred from 16 mm film. Then some time around 2000 I purchased a DVD off the Internet that had 16 (of the 24 total) episodes in watchable, but not great condition. It took all of 20 minutes after seeing this ad to have my copy ordered and on its way to my mailbox.
Now I just need them to release the three Gilligan's Island TV movies, and a CD with the music from the TV show (and cartoons) would be great, as the music still fills my head all these years later.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

DC Comics & Carbon Copy Cloner Logos

Is it just me, or do these two logos look kinda similar?

The logo on the left is the current DC Comics logo which was unveiled on March 2012. The logo on the right is the Macintosh backup program Carbon Copy Cloner. I had a look as some old reviews for the software and I found this logo used as far back as October 2010, which predates the DC logo by about 2 years.
I showed the two logos to some of my coworkers and asked them if they thought they looked similar, and strangely they said no. This may not be as similar as these two logos, but they sure seem similar to me. What do you think?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

From Comics to Film! on TCM

I know what I'll be doing this coming Wednesday. While reading my floppy copy of Batman & Robin Eternal #24, I came across an ad for TCM's March 23rd "From Comics to Film!" night. Among the offering this night will be Batman's first screen appearance in the 1943 Batman serial. Other offerings include episodes of Tunnel of Terror,  The Green Hornet, Buck Rodgers, Purple Death, Ace Drummond, Dick Tracy, the first entry in the Saint movie series "The Saint in New York", and the thing I am most interested in seeing, two episodes of the 1943 Phantom serial. I love the character of The Phantom, and I have always wanted to see this old Phantom serial. I can't wait to sit in the dark in front of my big screen TV watching the campy fun and munching my hot buttered popcorn.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Disney on TCM Time Again

March 9, 2016 Turner Classic Movies is once again hosting an evening of Disney material from the Disney vaults, hosted by Leonard Maltin. Be sure to set your DVR for all 7 hours of Disney fun.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Ronn's Big Pile of Stuff blog. Our family spent Christmas at the Happiest Place on Earth. I found this super cool retro Christmas living room at the Disneyland Hotel. Wish I could have brought the whole thing home with us. Monkey and Penguin helped themselves to some of Santa's goodies while we were taking photos.