Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Olympic Coke Bottles

I went to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and all I got were these Coke bottles. That's OK though, as that was pretty much the reason we went in the first place.
The 2010 Winter Olympics are happening here in Vancouver, BC, CANADA and one of the big sponsors is Coke. LiveCity is an area they have set up with sponsor pavilions, live music etc. Coca Cola has a pavilion there titled "Open Happiness". My wife had seen that they were giving out free light up, color changing Coke bottles so we decided to make the trip downtown and battle the crowds to visit the Coke Pavilion and get our own light up, color changing Coke bottles. After about a 1 1/2 hour wait to get into LiveCity and another 45 minutes in line for the Coke Pavilion, we finally got inside and got to see the exhibit that they had put on - full of vintage Coke bottles and cans, lots of advertising, a short movie and some interactive games etc. After the short movie, they handed everyone an ice cold Coke, and then, if you did any of the interactive events, you got a sticker on the bottom of your Coke bottle which could then be traded in for one of the light up, color changing Coke bottles. You were supposed to trade in your empty bottle for the light up one, but we asked if we could keep the empties and they let us keep them.
We didn't get a chance to do any of the other stuff in LiveCity as we didn't get in until around 10 pm and things closed around 11 pm. We did get to watch the Sam Roberts concert while we waited in line - too bad it wasn't actually somebody I actually knew or liked.
2010 Olympic Coke BottlesPictured here are 3 different Olympic Coke Bottles. The first one (far left) was purchased at my local SafeWay grocery store. The Second (middle) was given out in the Coke Pavilion, filled with ice cold Coke. The third bottle (right) is the light up, color changing bottle. It has a button the the bottom to turn it on and off. Pictured at the far right is the back of the light up bottle. It is a limited edition. This one is 28,714 of 50,000.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kaden's Comic Book Spinner Rack

Comic Book Spinner RackA few months ago I picked up a comic book spinner rack from our favorite toy & collectible shop called Toy Traders in Langley. They didn't need it any longer and so we arranged to purchase it. I already had one that I purchased years ago from an old drug store that was going out of business. That one is set up in my basement and is filled with some of my favorite comics. This new one has been sitting in our foyer in pieces ever since I purchased it this past summer. I finally decided to set it up, and my son asked if he could have it in his room to display his comic books. After I set it up, he spent the next hour or so arranging all of his comics just the way he liked. He was so proud of his collection he could not wait to ask mom and grandma into his room to see what he had done!
How many other four year olds have their own comic book spinner rack? For that matter, how many four year olds have enough comics to fill a comic book spinner rack?Comic Book Spinner Rack

Monday, February 01, 2010

Little Golden Book Monday #115

Today I have a couple of Little Golden Books that both feature someone sewing with a needle and thread on the cover.
First is The Brave Little Taylor from 1953. This copy is a third printing from 1975.
The second is The Elves and the Shoemaker from 1993, originally printed in 1983.