Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Opryland USA Original Cast Recording

I recently went thrift shop record hunting and came home with some cool stuff. There was lots of Disney records which you can check out on my Disneyland Records blog. There were also lots of non Disney records including the six in the photo above. My favorites being the Magilla Gorilla Tells Ogee the Story Alice in Wonderland from 1965, and the I Hear America Singing, Original Cast Recording from the home of American music, Opryland USA, Nashville, Tennessee from 1973.
I didn't know much about Opryland USA other than I could tell it was some sort of theme park from the photos on the cover of the album. A quick Google search and I found that it was an amusement park located in suburban Nashville, Tennessee, which opened May 27, 1972 and closed December 31, 1997. As well as featuring live music, it also had many rides and attractions including a log flume ride and a couple of coasters.