Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Golden Book Monday #103

Today's Little Golden Book is The Wizard of Oz, retold by Mary Carey, and illustrated by Don Turner / Jason Studios, 1975.
I was never a fan of the wizard of Oz, and I can remember being, like so many other kids, scared by the flying monkeys. Its kinda funny that as an adult, I used the phrase "flying monkeys" a heck of a lot for a guy who was afraid of them as a kid!
I got the chance to see the film at my local movie theater with my girlfriend (now wife) way back in the late 80's or early 90's. She wanted to see it on the big screen and it seemed like it might be fun. I fell asleep somewhere after the film turned to color.
I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I am now interested in seeing the new musical Wicked. I would hope though, with the ticket prices of the show I would not fall asleep during this one!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturn Shirt Inspectors

With GM casting off Saturn, their website is having a big 50-80% off sale on all merchandise, so I ordered a pile of shirts for just $5 each including one with the Rethink logo which I talked about a few posts back. I wore it the other day and while I was out, I started to feel something itching my back. I found something stuck to the inside of the shirt, and when I pulled it out, I found it was an "inspected by" sticker. When I got home and took the shirt off, I found it had 3 more of them stuck inside all with different names. So, turns out this shirt was inspected by not one, not two, not three, but four different shirt inspectors. Wow, this ought to be one problem free shirt!

Best PC Upgrades

Photo of a grocery store magazine rack back in 2006. That's both funny, and true!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


OK, here is something I saw a while ago and made me giggle. I own an iPod, and I love it and take it everywhere, and with a $10 cord, I can now crank my tunes in my new Saturn Vue as well! The idea of owning a Microsoft Zune makes me laugh. The idea of someone paying money to make their iPod look like a Zune, makes me question their sanity. But that is exactly what the people at hide-a-pod want you to do. For just $29.95 you can disguise your cool looking iPod to look just like one of those awful looking Zunes. I guess their strategy is a good one though... nobody is gonna try to seal your iPod when they think its a Zune!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Golden Book Monday #102

I found a surprise at the drug store today while looking though the magazines and books. I was looking for the upcoming "Princess and the Frog" Little Golden Book, but what I found instead was a new Toy Story book that I didn't even know about. I guess it makes sense with all the hype around Toy Story right now. I didn't manage to get out to the theater to see Toy Story and toy Story 2 in 3D recently, mostly because I didn't think my 4 year old could sit though 2 movies back to back without going totally squirrely.
I have to say that I have noticed that the quality of the newer books seems to be getting pretty poor. This one that I picked up today, the front cover panel is shorter than the back panel, and all of the pages are longer than both and stick out. And many of the recent books I have purchased, I find that within a few months, the gold foil on the spine starts to peel up by itself.
That being said, this is still a fun addition to my Disney - Little Golden Books collection.