Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Golden Book Monday #158

It's Little Golden Book Monday and I don't have anything special for today.  I flipped though my pile of recent thrift store purchases and went with Rainy Fay Play Book from 1981. I picked this one because today was a rainy day and I would have gladly stayed home from work and played... but then, I didn't really need the rain to feel like staying home and playing.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Anna May Wong

Anna May Wong photo with dragon background
A long time ago, before the internet came along, I used to receive a book catalogue in the mail every so ofter. I ordered my first (of many) Gilligan's Island books from this catalogue.  One particular issue has Anna May Wong on the cover. I liked the cover so much, then when I tossed out the catalogue, I pulled off the cover and kept it. Years later I saw bunch of Anna May Wong movies on TV and decided to record them. I remembered having the cover with her on it and decided to use to to make a DVD cover for my collection. I have had it sitting on my DVD shelve ever since and stare at it all the time. Tonight I decided to see what other great Anna May Wong pictures I could find online. I was amazed to see that this photo that I liked so much did not come up in my Google search other than a very small version which was on a book cover. So, I decided I would share this great image on my site, along with the cover I made for my DVD. I am always looking on line for DVD covers that others have made for stuff I have, and thought it would be awesome if someone ended up finding mine and using it. Enjoy!
Fan made Anna May Wong DVD cover