Thursday, May 14, 2009

BATMAN New Times

There is a ton of cool stuff on the internet, and it's impossible to find it all!
Here is something I found a year or two ago and forgot about until tonight when my son and I were hunting though looking for Batman stuff. I remembered seeing this amazing Batman student film a few years back and after a few seconds of Google searching we found it again. What makes this short film so cool is not only is it a very well done short film visually, but they actually got Adam West, Mark Hamill, and Dick Van Dyke to do the voices of Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon. Click here to check out the film, and when you are done, click the "Movies" logo at the top right of the screen to see all of their other student films from Dave School the Digital Animation & Visual Effects School.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Golden Book Monday #86

Today's Little Golden Book is Pink Panther and Sons: Fun a the Picnic from 1985. I love Pink Panther and I love cartoons, but I don't remember ever seeing this cartoon on TV. I do however remember the "and sons / babies" craze that seemed to sweep though cartoons in the late 80's and early 90's. I do admit to enjoying Muppet Babies and Yo Yogi back in the day. I have even found a few VHS tapes of Yo Yogi episodes I recorded off of TV which I am now sharing with my son who has become somewhat of a Yogi the Bear fan.
As for this particular book, is it just me, or does the Pink Panthers sons kinda look like Care Bears?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fireworks are Fun for Kids!

While looking though some old comic books, I came across these two ads in a 1948 Kid Colt comic book selling fireworks to kids! The first one I came across was the ad from Acme Sales Co. that says "Get 'em now, Kids!" As I read that I thought, boy, that's kinda funny. But then when I came across the second ad from Famous Banner Fireworks with the drawing of a 5 year old kid lighting what looks like a giant firecracker, cartoon music started playing in my head as I started imagining little Johnny lighting his giant firecracker and then blowing up real good... splat! Wow, how times have changed. Back in 1948 they were selling fireworks right to kids in the pages of comics books - there was no age restriction placed on those order forms. Kids in '48 could be just like Wile E. Coyote with their own exploding Acme products! Like it says in the ad, Zip! Boom! Bang! Oh Boy!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mad Magazine issue #1000

Look for issue #1000 of Mad Magazine in the year 2134! Until then, check out The Usual Gang of Idiots as they celebrate their 500th issue on newsstands now - or where ever you can still find printed materials for sale!
It's MAD's 500th issue! And it's jam-packed with just as much stupidity as you'd expect! For starters, we're welcoming back some legendary members of the Usual Gang of Idiots who haven't appeared in MAD for years! And to mark this landmark issue, Sergio Aragones is showing off his 500 (that's right five HUNDRED!) favorite Marginal cartoons! Plus, there's Al Jaffee's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions and the MAD Fold-In! And, of course, you'll find our typical stupidity, mocking the new Wolverine movie, The Jonas Brothers, The Octo-Mom, Google, Man-Boobs and so more! So stop reading and start celebrating – 56 pages for just $5.99 US - go buy an issue NOW!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Little Golden Book Monday #85

Today's Little Golden Book is Scuffy the Tugboat. This copy is the thirteenth printing from 1973, with the original being printed in 1946. I remember having this book as a child, but I don't really remember ever reading it. I do however remember another children's tugboat book titled Little Toot which I remember really enjoying. I have since picked up a hardback anniversary edition of Little Toot and also picked up various vinyl editions of the story including this awesome 1947 Disney edition!