Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fireworks are Fun for Kids!

While looking though some old comic books, I came across these two ads in a 1948 Kid Colt comic book selling fireworks to kids! The first one I came across was the ad from Acme Sales Co. that says "Get 'em now, Kids!" As I read that I thought, boy, that's kinda funny. But then when I came across the second ad from Famous Banner Fireworks with the drawing of a 5 year old kid lighting what looks like a giant firecracker, cartoon music started playing in my head as I started imagining little Johnny lighting his giant firecracker and then blowing up real good... splat! Wow, how times have changed. Back in 1948 they were selling fireworks right to kids in the pages of comics books - there was no age restriction placed on those order forms. Kids in '48 could be just like Wile E. Coyote with their own exploding Acme products! Like it says in the ad, Zip! Boom! Bang! Oh Boy!

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