Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kellogg's sends Tony the Tiger Packing

As reported in the Globe and Mail: Facing threats of lawsuits and dire warnings about childhood obesity, Kellogg Co. has decided to put itself on a diet.
The Company, maker of Pop Tarts and Fruit Loops, said yesterday it's getting out of the business of marketing these and other foods of dubious health value to children.
It also plans to cut the amount of fat, sugar and salt in many of its snacks and cereals.
The decision could mark the beginning of the end of a Saturday morning tradition - cartoon-like ads pitching sugar-laced treats to kids.
Kellogg, along with its Canadian subsidiary, said that by the end of next year all of its products will be reformulated to meet new, tougher health standards or they won't be advertised to children under the age of 12.
The company also vowed to stop ;using cartoon characters, such as Shrek or Tony the Tiger, for products that fall short of the new standard.
Last year, 10 major food and beverage companies promised that at least half their advertising aimed at children under the age of 12 would promote healthier foods and exercise. The companies, including McDonald's and General Mills, also pledged to stop advertising in elementary schools and to cut back on the use of cartoon characters to pitch products. Yesterday's announcement comes in the wake of negotiations with two groups that had threatened to sue Kellogg over its advertising to children.

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