Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goofy Card Tricks

I have loved magic ever since I was a young child. I even wanted to be a magician when I was younger and performed for kids parties etc. I had piles of magic tricks, was subscribed to the British "Magic Magazine", I used to get up early on the weekend to watch the Magic Castle TV show and I had two identical black gerbils which were a part of my act. I also loved to collect any books on magic I could find.
I remember that any trip to Disneyland (also Knott's Berry Farm) was a great chance to visit a magic shop.
This weekend I found a great used book shop where I ended up finding all kinds of treasures including this great 66 page, 1977 Walt Disney's Goofy Card Tricks book, which I image was sold in the magic shop on the Main street of Disneyland back in the 70's.
I can't pass along any of the tricks in the book, a magician never revels his secrets, but here is the introduction from the book:
Magic is fun... for the magician and for the audience. Magic can make people laugh [as a kid magician, my audiences seemed to laugh a lot!], it can make them wonder, it can make them marvel. The magical card tricks in this book are mystifying but easy and fun to do. Here are some tips from Goofy on giving a good magic show:
1. Never tell anyone your secrets-not even your best friend or your mother! [Ronn: go ahead and tell your dad though!] If you do, all the mystery will be gone!
2. Never perform the same trick twice in front of the same audience. The second time, your audience will notice much more, because they will know what to expect.
3. Practice, practice, practice! Learn to perform your tricks smoothly and with ease. If you can, practice in front of a mirror; this way, you will be able to see yourself as your audience sees you.
Good luck, and good magic!


Tony said...

I have this very book. I got it for Christmas in 1980. I loved I've always kept it.

Ronn Roxx said...

I visited Disneyland twice as a child (77 & 79) and I was a huge magic fan back then. I kind of remember visiting the magic shop on Mainstreet, but I don't remember buying anything there. I do have the Haunted Mansion Secret Panel Chest, but I am not sure if it was purchased at the magic shop or not?
I do remember buying a bunch of stuff at the magic shop in Knott's Betty Farm though.
I don't have any of the magic stuff I bought at Knott's, but I still have the Haunted Mansion Secret Panel Chest in my Haunted Mansion display case here in my office!

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