Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2007 TV Guide Fall Preview: Returning Shows

The 2007 TV Guide Fall Preview Returning Shows issue came out last week. As I did with the previous New Shows issue of TV Guide, I purchased this issue online via the
Zinio web site. This issue covers 130 of the hottest returning shows. Here is a list of the Returning shows I am going to be tuning into each week:

1) Heroes
2) How I Met Your Mother
3) Two and a Half Men
4) Rules of Engagement

5) 'Til Death

6) My Name Is Earl
7) 30 Rock
8) The Office
9) Supernatural

10) Jericho
11) Monk
12) Psych

Just watching these 12 returning shows this season will take up 8 1/2 hours a week... Looks like I have a lot of TV watching to do. I am off now to watch the first two shows I recorded tonight, Back to You and 'Till Death.

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