Monday, October 01, 2007

Little Golden Book Monday #27

Today's Little Golden book is "The Three Bears" (1981 printing). The reason I am posting this one, is that I thought it was kind of a unique find.
So, today I present for you the 3 "The Three Bears" books!
First off, back on Monday, September 10th, I posted the Little Golden Book "The Three Bears" for the Little Golden Book Monday #24. But this new copy was totally different. I had never seen this Little Golden book before, and I was amazed to find two copies. I thought it was pretty odd that after never seeing this version of the "Three Bears" before, I would find two copies at my local thrift shop, both on the same day. But then I was even more puzzled to see that both these new copies had belonged to the same person!
If you check out the picture (to the left), of the inside front cover, you will see I have placed the second books signature along with the first signature, and they are obviously the same signature. Both copies belonged to Kimberly.
So this then is the puzzle... Why would a child (I assume it was a child) have two copies of the same book?

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