Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #40

Today's Little Golden Book is another Fozzie Bear title. This time it is Fozzie's Funnies: A Book of Silly Jokes and Riddles, starring Jim Henson's Muppets - more to the point, Fozzie Bear. The book is from 1993. As I have said before, I am a big Fozzie fan, so this book was another great find!
As one would expect from a Fozzie Bear joke book, the jokes are just unbearable... get it... unbearable!? Ok, so lets have a look-see inside shall we.

Why did the chicken cross the Road? To get to the other side!

Why did the rooster cross the road? He was following the chicken!

Why did the chicken cross the road halfway? She wanted to lay it on the line!

Why did the turtle cross the road? It was the chicken's day off.

Where does a six-hundred-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants to!

What does a four-hundred-pound canary say? CHEEP-CHEEP!!!

Hotel guest: Young man, please call me a taxi. Doorman: Yessir. You're a taxi!

What's black and white and black and white and black and white and green all over? Three skunks fighting over a pickel!

How do you know when an elephant had been in the refrigerator? There are footprints in the butter!

What do you get when you cross a duck with popcorn? Quackerjacks!

Why shouldn't you tell secrets in the cornfield? Because it is filled with ears!

What do cows wear in Hawaii? Moo-moos!

Did you hear about the man who turned into a pair of glasses? He made a spectacle of himself.

Ok, I could go on, but I am sure you have all stopped reading by now as you are all doubled over at your computes laughing hysterically.
Wocka, wocka, wocka!


dustin said...

glad you found the detective cover image ronn, and the golden books are always a treasure!


Ronn Roxx said...

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the Blog universe!

Yes, I have become a little too addicted to those darn little books. I now have a shelve and a half of them and still can't pass up flipping though them at the local thrift shops.

BTW... Dustin, love your blog. I have already bookmarked your site for repeat visits.