Monday, September 01, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #64

Today's Little Golden Book, is a pair of books. The original 1957 Sleeping Beauty book along with a 1970 reprint of the book. The 1957 book has "A Little Golden Book" across the top, while the 1970 version has a Golden Book logo at the bottom right.
As I may or may not have said before, I am a huge fan of the Sleeping Beauty film. I think the artwork and look of the film are amazing, and Malicifant is one of my favorite Disney characters. As far as Disney princesses go, Aurora is my favorite, and the soundtrack to the film has some great music.
As a child, my favorite books were by Bill Peet, and years after I had decided that Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney film, I found out that Bill Peet had worked on Sleeping Beauty, and now when I look a the film, I can really see his creative style and input.
So, being as Sleeping Beauty is my favorite 'classic' Disney film (my favorite newer Disney film is Atlantis), I love adding anything Sleeping Beauty to my collection. I actually found these two books at the same antique mall, and funny enough the 1970 reissue was $5, while the original 1957 version was only $3.
Other than the covers, the only other real difference is the back cover which has the 1957 version offing Golden Stamp Books, while the 1970 version simply tells us that "More than one billion Golden Books have gone into the homes of children of all nations", and "They are far and away the best-known series of books for young people every published."

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