Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Captain Canuck Hard Cover from IDW

I am pretty excited about the upcoming release of Captain Canuck, Vol. 1 Hard Cover from IDW this summer (152 pages, $24.99). This first collection reprints issues #4-10 of the original Captain Canuck series. The second volume will contain issues #11-15 and the Summer Special. The remaining first 3 issues will be released as a special collected edition directly from creator Richard Comely. Although I have already preordered my copy of this first volume, I must say that I am somewhat disappointed by the way they have chosen to release these. I would much prefer that they either release the complete 16 issue run in one giant deluxe hard cover edition, or two volumes, the first with issues #1-8 and #9-15 + Summer Special. Ever since I heard about www.librarybinding.com, I have been thinking about creating my own hard cover Captain Canuck book with all the comics in one volume, and after getting this first official hard cover, it may just whet my appetite enough to finally make my own complete edition!

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