Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wizard of Oz Lp cover

I picked up some more fun looking records at the Salvation Army on Friday. Among them was this really neat looking Cricket Records version of the Wizard of Oz with the Hanky Pank Players, with orchestra and chorus. I love how the letters in the title look like someone took a pen and doodled in them. Sadly this one album was sans record - but they did give me this nice looking record cover for free!
I have never been a big fan of the movie "Wizard of Oz", but I do remember going to see it in the movie theater some time in the late 80's when they rereleased it. At some point near the beginning I fell asleep and stayed asleep until the credits. Afterwards my wife was abuzz with excitement about the movie she had just seen. Wasn't it grand she asked!? All I could say was, "yeah, and the whole thing was in black and white, right!"

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Anonymous said... this is where u will hear a snippet of this amazing album! i was looking in vain till i dug up ur blog! thank you