Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disney's California Adventure Post Cards

Disney's California Adventure Golden Gate Bridge postcardI found some Disney's California Adventure postcards amongst all the various postcards at the thrift shop the other day. I picked them up because I enjoy collecting Disney postcards, but I have to say that these are some of the lamest Disney postcards I have ever seen. Generally Disneyland postcards have iconic images that make you want to go to Disneyland. These DCA postcards illustrate why the park has been such a failure. If these are the best images they could come up with, I certainly would not want to visit the park based on these postcards. And I am guessing that who ever bought these postcards at the park got home and realized just how lame they were and donated them to the local thrift shop.
Hopefully with the huge makeover the park is receiving, they will be some postcards in the future worth adding to my collection.Disney's California Adventure postcards

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