Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Golden Book Monday #125

Today's Little Golden Book Monday book is another one that I am not sure if it is actually a Little Golden Book. It looks a lot like an American Little Golden Book, but does not say Little Golden Book anywhere in it. It does have a very worn golden spine resembling a LGB. When I did some online translating, the cover translated to "Little Book" and the title translated to "Suffers the infernal rabbit." I'm not sure how good that translation is, but it is kind of funny. I also scanned in the inside two pages. You will notice that much like the American LGB is has a full page pattern on the left page which is very reminiscent of the American LGB. And if you didn't notice from the front the cover artwork, the story and artwork is by Richard Scarry. One last translation tells us that this book is an "edition of two cocks gold".

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