Monday, April 02, 2012

Little Golden Book Monday #159

Today's Little Golden Book is Pooh, The Very Best Easter Bunny, first edition from 1997. I choose this one because Easter is coming up next weekend.
After scanning the cover I noticed that is said "Mr Sanders" over the door in the picture and I was curious who Mr Sanders was? I found this explanation on Winnie the Pooh lives by himself in a tree in Hundred Acre Wood under the name of Sanders. "It means he had the name over the door in gold letters, and lived under it." No one really knows who Sanders was. The best guess is that Milne used something he found in the woods near Cotchford Farm and incorporated it into the stories. In this case, a sign with the name Sanders was found on a tree, and it was decided that that was the tree in which Pooh lived.
Along with the cover, I also scanner the first two pages of the story which shows Pooh and his friends getting ready for Easter by painting some eggs.

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