Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plants Vs Zombies, Disco Zombie Edition

While wasting some time in a local Future Shop, I noticed a boxed copy of Plants Vs Zombies for just $2.99. As I picked it up, one of the retail zombies (I mean staff) came over and told me that they had a version that came with an action figure, and was the same price. Turns out that they were all sold out of this version, but he was nice enough to call around and found another store that had one left and had them put it on hold for me. I made the drive to the second store and purchased my copy of the super cool Plants Vs Zombies Limited 'Disco Zombie' Edition for just $2.99.
Since I only had a digital download version, this was awesome. Not only did I get a hard copy of the game (which was a newer version that I had - it also listed a make your own zombie feature and some desktop pictures), I also also got a super cool box with nice graphics and a cool disco zombie figure. I was a little disappointed that it came with a Disco Zombie though, as I would have preferred a cone head or bucket head zombie. I didn't realize until after I updated my game with this new version that they had now replaced the Micheal Jackson zombie with this new disco zombie. That sucks. The Micheal Jackson zombie was mine and my sons favorite zombie. Turns out that Pop Cap games was forced by the estate of Micheal Jackson to remove his likeness from the game, and so the disco zombie was created to take his place. Sorry to say, but the disco zombie just isn't as good. Not only does it not make as much sense as the MJ zombie, but the animation of this new zombie and his dancers is awful compared to the rest of the characters in the game. You can tell it was a rush job to get these into the game.
I love this new packaged version for my collection, but now I have to figure out how to go back to the older version of the game on my Mac so I can resurrect the MJ zombie.

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