Monday, January 20, 2014

Little Golden Book Monday #176

Little Golden Books Board Game
Hello... I'm back after a long absence. For todays return to Little Golden Book Monday, I present Little Golden Books Board Game. This is something I saw two or three Christmases ago but didn't pick it up the day I saw it. Sadly I didn't see it again until just before Christmas this year. This time I picked it up as soon as I saw it in the shop window!
Although this is not actually a Little Golden Book, but does come with miniature Little Golden Books as part of the game. Here is the description of the game on the back of the box: Spin the spinner and travel around the game board featuring your favourite Little Golden Books characters. If you land on one of the special spaces you might have to 'bark' like the Poky Little Puppy, 'toot' like Tootle, 'meow' like The Shy Little Kitten, or 'splash' like Scuffy The Tugboat! Be the first player to collect all four of the Little Golden Books tokens to win!
We have already played the game a number of times, sadly, I have come in last every time.
Little Golden Books Board Game

Little Golden Books Board Game board and pieces

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