Monday, July 20, 2015

Little Golden Book Monday #180

Today's Little Golden Book is The Good Humor Man from 1992 (originally printed in 1964). It has been crazy hot the last few days and since yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, we celebrated by visiting our local Dairy Queen. As one would expect, the place was packed! But I can remember my childhood when the ice cream man was something you got excited about when he showed up in your neighbourhood. Now, as an adult, when I hear the "turkey in the straw" through that tiny speaker, being played way too loud, I wonder who is buying his over priced 'treats'. We have a DQ and a Macs (Canadian version of 7-11) within walking distance, and a freezer full of ice cream etc, so its hard to imagine how the ice cream man can make money today. And to make things worse, the truck I see driving around here the most, is all rusty and beaten up and the driver looks like an escaped convict. I would never send my kids to buy ice cream from this guy! But, I remember when the two trucks that would come by the apartments where I lived as a kid, there would always been a line up at the window of the truck to buy ice cream, and I would always be there waiting my turn.

"Mothers left their kitchens and daddies left their lawn mowers and dogs left their bones. Everyone was there to see the friendly Good Humor man in his little white truck."

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