Saturday, October 03, 2015

Brownies Recipe Fried Chicken

Who remembers Brownies Chicken? I Do! While growing up I remember Brownies Chicken restaurants being everywhere. In my mind there may have been more of them than there were Kentucky Fried Chicken locations. I see from the back of this menu that there were at least 18 locations that I could have visited on a pretty regular basis growing up! The location that I remember the most is not even listed on this menu which is from 1989. The particular location I remember was one of the last ones to close. Back then I remember thinking that the Brownies Chicken restaurants were probably closing due to the 'political corectness' that was becoming a big thing in the world at the time. I had heard about the same sort of thing happening to the Sambo's restaurants many years before and figured that was probably what was going on with Brownies. But who knows, maybe they just weren't that popular to anyone but me.
What you see here is a near mint Brownies Recipe Fried Chicken menu that my wife found while helping her mother clean out her home recently. Of all the stuff my wife brought home, this is the one item that I was really excited about. Obviously one persons trash, is MY treasure!


Gravydog316 said...

Before my time, but my parents used to eat there ALL the time, they say. Albert & Dewdney in Regina, SK. now a Rogers cell phone store

DaveinNorthYork said...

I vaguely recall there being a Brownies Chicken place on Markham Road (just north of Eglinton) in Scarborough, Ontario back during the mid-1970s.