Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dairy Queen's Refreshing Ice Drink, Mr. Misty

Dairy Queen Refreshing Icy Drink, Mr. Misty

When I was a kid, I loved slushies, but 7-11 Slurpees were not common in my area, so I got my slushies at Dairy Queen, and they were called Mr. Misty. In the 80's I had a Dairy Queen right across the street from my house, and I spent lots of time there watching this little sign spinning on the top of the Mr. Misty machine. I remember asking one day, "if you ever change that sign and are getting rid of it, please put it aside for me as I would love it!". Sure enough, one day they changed the name of their slushies to Arctic Rush and the Mr. Misty sign was gone from the top of the machine. When the girl behind the counter saw me, she quickly started digging around under the counter and pulled out this sign and handed it to me. She wasn't sure why I wanted it, but thankfully she had remembered me asking about it more than a year earlier and saved it for me.
After googling Mr. Misty, I know really want to head to Dairy Queen for an orange Mr. Misty (Arctic Rush) ice cream float! Yum!

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