Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Very Retro Merry Christmas

Hello and Merry Christmas... Yes you heard me, Merry Christmas! I don't know about you but the whole politically correct/non offensive Christmas thing has spun out of control. If you want a good laugh, check out the song "Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday (Featuring The Kung Pao Buckaroos)" by Brad Paisley (I got my copy at the iTunes Music store online) in which they bleep the word Christmas and any other word that could be considered offensive - of course by the end of the song, its just one long beeeep!

Anyway, while checking out all of my favorite blogs, including the Secret Fun Spot Blog, which has a great "The Twelve Years of Christmas" photo run, I have seen lots of old Christmas morning photos, which got me curious to dig up some of my own.
Here are 3 Christmas day photos I found. The first one is Christmas day '67. The other two did not have dates on them, so I had to make an educated guess as to the years. I am going to say that the second photo is Christmas morning 1972 and the third photo is 1978.

Not much I can say about this photo except, wow, what a neat looking race set!
Here are a few great things about this photo: 1) the orange and blue fuzzy slippers I am wearing, 2) the great tractor and wagon I received, 3) the even greater wind up plane I received, 4) the fake present on the tree was my 'costume' in the school Christmas play, 5) the really cool old black and white TV with the jumbo knobs, at the right edge of the photo.
A few things about this photo: 1) The same Christmas tree as the last photo (the same tree we had until we stopped putting up a tree, 2) The brand new color TV with space age remote control, 3) you won't see it in the photo, but the carpet I am sitting on is green 2 inch shag carpeting, 4) the magazine rack on the left hand side of the photo is stocked full of old Sears Christmas catalogs!

O yeah... and one last thing... Merry Christmas!

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