Thursday, April 19, 2007

Disneyland Gate Flyers

A coworker recently went to Disneyland. Knowing that I am a huge Disneyland fan, he asked if there was anything I would like him to bring back for me. Although there is probably thousands of dollars worth of park items I would love him to drag home for me, I really can't afford that (and I'm sure his luggage would not fit all my wants)! So instead, I asked for what I always ask for which is the park gate flyers that you receive as you enter the park. They have a map of the park inside and a listing of all the attractions, dinning, shows etc. Its a nice way to see how things change in the park over the years. In the past they used to have a new gate flyer each week and they were dated at the top. As the parks try to keep things 'cheap', they have gone to a more generic gate flyer which can last for months at a time. Here I present the the Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure gate flyers for the month of February 2007. The covers feature the promotional artwork for the new Rockin' Space Mountain and Rockin' California Screaming, which takes the two rides and adds music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to them while you ride. You will notice that the Disneyland flyer is mint, but the California Adventure flyer has been bent and creased. I found that kind of funny, as DCA is always considered to be a substandard version of a Disney park. Disneyland is always considered to be kept so clean and pristine, while DCA is thought of as not being kept up to the standards of Disneyland... now it seems the gate flyers are following the trend ;-)

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