Saturday, April 28, 2007

The New Pet Sensation... Crazy Crabs

Everyone loves a great comic book cover, but what about the back cover? You can find the most interesting things in the world back there!
Today we have a look at "The new live pet sensation that's sweeping America" Apparently the Transcience Corporation of New York, NY was hoping to cash in on the popularity of Sea Monkeys with this twist on the much loved Sea Monkeys--Crazy Crabs!
This ad comes from the back cover of a 1978 Yosemite Sam comic book.
Here is some of the sales pitch from the ad: "A Crab of AMAZING INTELLIGENCE! A truly INTELLIGENT pet, give it a name such as L'il Caesar, Leapin' Linda, Happy Henry, Sandy Claws, Tippytoes, Sexy Snooky, Merry Mimi, Tiny Tim, etc., and see how well it responds when you call it! It loves to be touched and petted, and enjoys running from hand to hand, swinging from your fingers or just cuddling on your shoulder like an adorable tame parrot. But that's just the STAR of the FUN that awaits you! You get instructions for paying FOUR "Crazy Crab" Races and Games including a BAFFLING new magic trick called "The Haunted Coffee Cup", that uses a "Crazy Crab" as your "Assistant"!"
I also like the text that reads "Actual "Crazy Crab" photos which is placed beside the obvious drawings!
Then there is the promise of a "Free carrying crate". Yes that's right, they give you a free cardboard box with each Crazy Crab you order!
Lastly, the ad says: "And to create some REAL EXCITEMENT, you can even "customize" it! Because it is a hermit crab, its shell is not its own and can be painted, covered with dazzling rhinestone jewels or decorated any other way without harm! It looks SO SPECTACULAR, you can proudly "shot it off", give as a "personalized" gift or, it you wish, even SELL for profit!"
That's right, you can Bedazzle your Crazy Crabs and sell them for profit! What a great idea for a home based business!
And don't forget, they come with a Money Back Guarantee!

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