Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Golden Book Monday #34

Today we have another Christmas themed Little Golden Book. This one is Donald Duck's Christmas Tree. The book is originally from 1954 - this copy is from 1993.
I love Donald Duck and Pluto, so this one is a winner. The artwork throughout the book is great, something you don't always get from some of the older Disney Little Golden Book titles. Here is one of my favorite pages from the book, which shows Pluto growling disapprovingly at Chip who is hiding out in Donald's Christmas tree.
Once again, poor old Pluto gets blamed for the shenanigans of Chip 'n' Dale, but luckily everything works out in the end.
"Well well" he said, chuckling, as he lifted them down. "So you're the mischief-makers. And to think I blamed poor Pluto. I'm sorry, Pluto," said Donald.
Pluto marched over to the door and held it open. He though Chip 'n' Dale should go out in the snow.
"Oh, Pluto!" cried Donald. "It's Christmas Eve. We must be kind to everyone, even pesky chipmunks. The spirit of Christmas is love, you know."

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