Monday, March 24, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #49

In honor of Easter, today I present Fozzie's Fabulous Easter Parade from 1998. The story sees the Muppet game getting reading for the annual Most Beautiful Easter Egg Contest. Unfortunately, Fozzie's egg was nowhere to be found. Sounds like a pretty exciting story already, huh!? Turns out Camilla Chicken was sitting on Fozzie's egg, and it ends up hatching into a cute little chicken. Without an egg to enter in the contest, Fozzies decides to change the name of the contest to "Most Beautiful Easter Egg or Easter Chick Contest", and this year, the winner is Camilla and her very own egg-stremely egg-stra-special Eater parade of chicks.
O-yeah... and there are Easter eggs on the cover! Happy Easter.

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