Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Terrytoons and limited animation

I Picked up this cool 1977 Terrytoons coloring book at my local thrift shop the other day. Pretty amazing that it does not have any colored pages inside. Most times when you see old coloring books at the thrift shops, they usually have half of their pages already colored by some young artist.
Then I noticed that the front and back covers of this coloring book had the exact same drawing. The only differences were the Whitman logo and item number on the front, and the UPC code on the back.
After thinking about it for a minute, I decided that this book was just following the Terrytoons formula of using limited animation - the practice of using the same drawings over and over again making the characters look as if they are barely moving, if at all.
As for the uncolored pictures inside, again, probably a cost cutting measure by Terrytoons to save cash by not having to pay a 'painter'.
Just a though.

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