Thursday, February 19, 2009

Walt Disney World Pop Up Book

Here is the 1972 Walt Disney World with Mickey Mouse Hallmark Pop Up Book. This most recent copy of the book brings my collection of these to three. This one cost just 20 cents and is in very good condition with all of the pop up pieces still in tack and in working order.
Here is the text on the back cover: Mickey Mouse will take you through the pages of this pop-up edition. Along the way you will twirl in a magic teacup ride and visit a haunted mansion. You will submerge in the Submarine Nautilus and view the clouds from Cinderella's Castle. Colorful illustrations and a happy text make a Fun-Filled Visit To Walt Disney World the next best thing to being there.
Hallmark Children's Editions are created in consultation with Dr. Edith M. Dowley, Director of the Bing Nursery School, Stanford University. Every title has been tested to make certain of its interest. You can be sure that a Hallmark children's book will be a happy and healthy experience for young people.
Along with the cover, here are a few scans and photos including, the inside front cover with a pop up of the paddle wheeler that takes you to the entrance of WDW. There is a scan of the Monorial page which has a door you can "life" open to slide Mickey inside the Monorail. There is a scan of the Mad Tea Party where you can "pull" the tab to spin Mickey in his tea cup. And lastly a photo of the Jungle Cruise page which features a great 3D pop up of a Jungle Cruise boat being skippered by Mickey.

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