Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Panned for Gold with the Metal Queen

Lee AaronI went with the family to Fort Langley to visit the Fort Langley Historical Site. Fort Langley is the exact location where, a century and a half ago, a huge fur trade organization called the Hudson's Bay Company established a small post to trade with the First Nations of the West Coast. The enterprise grew, evolved, and influenced history, leading to the creation of the colony of British Columbia. Fearing annexation by the United States, British Columbia was proclaimed a Crown Colony on this site by James Douglas on November 19, 1858.
And on Monday while there, my son got the chance to pan for gold at their gold panning exhibit. While there another family stepped up to try their luck and do some gold panning. Turns out songstress Lee Aaron (aka the Metal Queen) was standing next to me! I didn't have the heart to let on that I knew who she was, as I always feel like such a nutz talking to celebrities I don't know. I was just happy in the knowledge that the singer of some of my favorite songs (some of which just happened to be on the iPod in my pocket at the time) was standing next to me in the muck pretending to pan for gold!

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