Monday, August 03, 2009

Little Golden Book Monday #96

Little Golden Book, Look Out For Mater!In keeping with yesterdays CARS theme, I have a brand new Little Golden Book that I just picked up a few days ago. I love how they have Mater and Lightning McQueen on roller coaster tracks on the front cover. It's also interesting to see that Mater has now had two Little Golden Books to Lightning's one.
It's also amazing to see how the Cars movie is still producing new merchandise 3 years after its release, pretty good considering that many were calling the film a flop when it didn't initially preform as well as the previous Pixar films. And for those keeping up on their Disneyland news, as well as of the new merchandise, there is a whole new land being built at Disney's DCA called Cars Land set to debut in 2012.

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