Friday, November 06, 2009

7-11 Presents FOX-O-RAMA

A while back I posted some photos of the 3D glasses and Smell-O-Vision cards from the 1994 Fox television Fox-O-Rama, and that post has received the most email of any of my posts. For those fans of Fox-O-Rama, I present two of the ads from the Sunday, May 8th, 1994 TV Guide that promoted the event. First is the ad for the horror! The shock! The Bundy's in 3D (3D glasses not required for viewing pleasure). The second ad is for The George Carlin Show presented in Grumble-Vision. What was Grumble-Vision? Nothing... really. It was a regular episode in which George did some extra grumbling, thus making it Grumble-Vision. I am sure there were those who turned in expecting something extra ordinary. What they got was a mediocre half hour comedy with a great tag line. Pretty lame really, but genius advertising!

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Enjay said...

I remember hearing the radio ad for this block. They were also pushing "In Living Single" being in AromaVision with a scratch & sniff card.