Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Golden Book Monday #106

Today's Little Golden Book is Who Comes To Your House? by Margaret Hillert and illustrated by Tom O'Sullivan. This copy is the third printing from 1976, with the original being printed in 1973.
In this book we are introduced to all the people we can expect to show up at our homes. There is The Delivery Man, The Milk Man, Letter Carrier, The Carpenter, The Window Washer, The TV Repairman, Florist Delivery, The Moving Man, The Ice-Cream Truck, The Meter Reader, The Baby-Sitter, The Visiting Nurse, The Paper Boy, The Rubbish Collector, The Bookmobile, The Pet Helper, The Plumber and the Painter.
I gotta go, it looks like its gonna be busy around here tomorrow!

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