Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Golden Book Monday #123

Today's Little Golden Book is Rabbit and his Friends with story and pictures by Richard Scarry. Originally printed in 1953, this copy is the Third Printing from 1974. I picked this one up because I liked the cute animal artwork on the cover. It wasn't until I got home and had a look though it that I realized I recognized the artwork. A quick flip to the front inside cover revealed that it was none other than Richard Scarry who had done the artwork, along with writing the story.
The story is about Rabbit who finds an egg who he believes belongs to Mrs. Hen, but when the egg hatched, there stood the strangest animal that ever was!
"He doesn't look like any animal I have ever seen before", said Rabbit. "He has a big beak and little webbed feet just like Duck."
"He has a tail and a fur coat just like Beaver," said Mrs. Hen. "And he is very shy, like Squirrel." "What are you, my dear?" asked Mrs. Hen.
But the roly-poly animal said, "I don't know." Then splash, kersplash! that roly-poly animal jumped into the river and swam right down to the bottom.
The strange little animal turns out to be a platypus, the rarest and most interesting animal in the whole world.

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