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TV Week Fall Preview 2012 - Part 1

It's that time of year again when I start watching even more TV than usual... and that is a lot! Its the new fall TV season, which brings with it a new crop of shows for us to check out. Although each year there seems to be less and less new stuff I am interested, there are a few shows that look like they may be worth a look.
Here in Canada we no longer have the print edition of TV Guide magazine, so I make sure to pick up our TV magazine, TV Week. As in previous years they have done two consecutive issues, the first one being the Fall Preview issue showcasing 48 new shows. The second issue is the returning series issue.

Today I will focus on the first issue and go though the list of new shows I am planning to check out:

Revolution - A sci-fi drama from J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke, every source of energy abruptly stops working, causing the entire word to come to a halt. Fifteen years later, America has plunged back to the Dark Ages - literally - as what's left of the country is ruled by a despot who sends armed militia groups to terrorize the small agrarian communities that have sprung up, while cities have become lawless, dangerous hives of criminal activity.
Looks like it could be good, but since its an hour long show, I may find it hard to devote the time to watch it, and its listed as a drama, so that gets points off for me. Bottom line, this will probably be my Terra Nova from last season, I recorded all the episodes on my DVR and then ended up deleting them all after watching about 20 minutes of the first episode.

Ben and Kate - a comedy following Kate who is a young single mother who dropped out of university after an accidental pregnancy, and missed out on her 20s while devoting herself to raising her young daughter.
I have already watched the first episode and I think that if they second episode is as good as the first, I won't be bothering to watch the third episode.

Anger Management - Charlie Sheen, the tiger blood drinking, duh winning reject from Two and Half Men, stars as an anger-management therapist in this new comedy.
I have already watch the first 6 episodes online over the summer and it seems pretty good. I watched some entertainment show that featured a sneak peek at the show and interviewed the cast etc. They kept saying who the cast was so amazing. I would disagree with that, as I find the cast to be a little underwhelming. Its a good show, but could be even better with a better supporting cast.

Go On - Newest comedy to star Matthew Perry. This time he is ordered by his boss to undergo 'life-change' counselling to get over his grief.
I have seen the first episode and it was good, but I liked his show from last year Mr Sunshine better.

The Mindy Project - Mindy, who's been promoted to star after years at The Office plays an OB/GYN who grew up obsessed with romantic comedies.
I was never a fan of Mindy Kaling on The Office, so was not expecting much from this one, and after one episode, I will not be returning. Definitely a chick  comedy.

Animal Practice - Veterinarian George Coleman loves animals but hates the people who own them. Dr. Coleman is in charge of an eccentric crew of vets and animal handlers in New York City's Crane Animal Hospital, a place so zany that a monkey named Dr. Rizzo wears a while coat and rides through the halls atop a tiny ambulance.
This new comedy has gotten such awful reviews that I bet I enjoy it!

Guys With Kids - This sitcom follows the adventures of a trio of recent fathers as they vainly keep trying to do the kind of cool guy stuff they used to before parenthood turned them into henpecked wusses who never have fun.
I saw the first episode and it was pretty funny. Probably will be my favorite of the new shows this season.

The Neighbors - Fed up with living in the city, the Weavers move to a sleepy suburb, but quickly realize their new neighbours are seriously weird. The Weavers discover, the entire cul-de-sac is inhabited by creepy green aliens who've taken human form and named themselves after famous sports figures.
I saw the first episode and really wanted to like it, but ended up finding it to be pretty lame. TV Week gave it a D+. I think the + was a little generous. Too bad, as this is the sort of silly stuff I love to watch.

Elementary - in modern-day NYC, a just-rehabbed addict named Sherlock Holmes meets Joan Weston, a former doctor hired to be Sherlock's 'sober companion" and keep him on the straight and narrow.
Another hour long drama series. Looks interesting, but not sure I will invest the time to watch it.

Malibu Country - New family sitcom staring Reba McEntire.
It does not premiere until November 2nd. If by then, I have stopped watching all the new shows above, then I may check this out.

The Midseason offerings look to have at least a few interesting shows. Here is what I will be checking out when we get to midseason:

The Family Tools - Prodigal son Jack Shea returns to home to help run the family construction business after his gruff dad suffers a heart attack.

Friend Me - A comedy about 20-something best friends show have just moved to L.A. from Indiana.

The Goodwin Games - Comedy about estranged siblings who are forced to compete in an ongoing trivia contest is they want to inherit their recently deceased father's millions.

How to Live with Your Parents - A single mother is forced to move back in with her eccentric parents.

Next Caller - Stand-up comic Dane Cook plays a macho shock jock forced to co-host his raunchy radio show with a liberal feminist.

Package Deal - Comedy that follows three overly close brothers and the women who comes between them.

1600 Penn - Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman are America's President and First Lady in this political comedy described as Modern Family meets The West Wing.

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