Monday, October 01, 2012

Little Golden Book Monday #163

Today's Little Golden Book is the Amazing Spider-man from Marvel. I'm glad to see both Marvel and DC comic characters showing up in recent Little Golden Books. It was not that long ago that Little Golden Books stopped using licenced properties in favor of original titles such as the The Little Red Caboose and Scruffy the Tugboat. Once that happened, it became harder and harder to find stores that stocked the books. Now that they once again have started to publish licenced titles such as Marvel, DC and Disney, many stores have not returned to carrying  the books, which makes finding them (at least in my area) a bit of a challenge. As I said a couple of Mondays ago, I have been picking them up at a local drug store that carries them in its tiny book/magazine section.
Being a big comic book collector and a fan of Spider-man, this was a great addition to my collection. This particualr book is not a story, but rather a mini guide book, listing some of Spider-man's many villians as well as his orgin.

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