Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Disneyland Atlantean Encounter Sub Voyage

Disney Atlantean Encounter Sub Ride
Back in 2008 I posted a faux poster I created in photoshop for Atlantis Expedition an attraction I dearly wanted to see at Disneyland in the submarine lagoon where the original sub attraction had been closed since 1998. Some time later I came across a blog Disneyland Nomenclature where they posted a great story about Atlantean Encounter, a proposed attraction that some Imagineers at Disney were working on. If you have any interest in seeing what we could have gotten instead of the Finding Nemo Submarine Ride, check out their post. In that post they showed an proposed attraction poster for the Atlantean Encounter. My head still spins thinking about how incredible a sub attraction themed to Atlantis could have been. Sadly the movie sank at the box office and the Atlantean Encounter never came to be.

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Paul Peniscocker said...

My friend worked with WDI on that ride, He would love to tell you anything you want to know about it. (Im guessing he would I mean I didnt ask him yet) I worked on subs when the whole thing with the Banner was going on and the prototype sub sat there for a while, up until the closing of the subs. We were just told to stay away from that sub. Feel free to email me if you wanted to know more.