Friday, July 22, 2016

Stuck on Gilligan's Island!

Stuck on Gilligan's Island

Below are scans of the membership form I received in the mail when I first wrote to The Original Gilligan's Island Fan Club back in the 90's. As you can see from the form they sent me, for just $15 you received a subscription to the quarterly newsletter "Island News" a membership card and a "Stuck on Gilligan's Island" t-shirt. I wore my shirt until just recently when it finally started falling apart beyond repair. I decided to take a few photos before I shoved it into a bottle and sent it out to sea (OK, I actually folded it up and put it into a box with a bunch of my other Gilligan's Island collection).
My actual shirt is in pretty rough shape, with a few holes, a really worn out collar and lots of fading, but with a little Photoshop magic, I was able to take the logo that I photographed from my ratty old shirt and add it to a brand new shirt that looks just like it did when it showed up in my mailbox over 20 years ago.
Gilligans Island t-shirt

At some point this summer I might finally get around to scanning in a few of the Island News newsletters to post here on my blog.
Island News fan club newsletter

Island News fan club newsletter

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Pete Salisbury said...

Ahoy! If you were a longtime subscriber to The Gilligan's Island News you might recognize my name. I was the Island Correspondent and also published The Skipper's Log for a few years.
Island news has slowed in recent years but I did recently cover the sale of Sherwood Schwartz's Beverly Hills home.
Until next time,
Pete Salisbury