Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2016 Fall Returning Series

Ok, so lets have a look at what returning TV shows are worth watching, and which of my favorite shows didn't make it to the new season.

Here is the list of returning shows that I will be tuning into this fall (I'll give each show a rating out of 5 for how much I am looking forward to it - 5 being the ones I am most excited about):

• 2 Broke Girls (3) - I really liked this show at first, but last season it was not must see TV for me.

• Big Bang Theory (5) - This show is always fun. I am really surprised that all my co-workers who are not into anything nerdy, all seem to love this show. I did already see the first episode of this season, and was a little let down. Hopefully next episode the show will be back to form.

• Blackish (3) - Another show that I did really like, but that I had lost interest in. But they have me very interested in the first episode this season as they are going to Walt Disney World.

• Brooklyn Nine-Nine (5) - I believe this is my current favorite show. Great cast, and always funny!

• Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (4) - A great show when you can fast forward through the cheesy song and dance numbers.

• Elementary (4) - A very solid detective show, with just enough humor to keep me coming back.

• The Goldbergs (5) - Another favorite of mine. I'm so glad it caught on and has become as popular as it has become. I assumed that because I liked it, it would be canceled, but here it is back for season 4.

• The Flash (4) - I am a huge comic book fan and have always loved the Flash so this is a great treat. I love that I can share this show with my son, who also loves watching.

The Last Man on Earth (2) - Another show I really liked at first, but last season I was not really enjoying it too much. This may be a show that I stop watching after the first couple of episodes this season unless it does something amazing to hook me back in.

• Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3) This show is a bit of a mixed bag in quality of episodes. Last season, for every great episode there was a real dud. Hopefully there will be more great episodes to duds this season.

• Modern Family (3) - A good show, that I mostly keep watching because it is sandwhiched between other shows I like.

• Saturday Night Live (3) - I usually watch the show, and there is almost always something worth watching in the show. The news segment is usually the best part.

• Supernatural (4) - After more than 10 years, I have faded in and out from watching, but found myself looking forward to the episodes last season. I'll be back watching on a regular basis for this coming 12th season.

• Superstore (5) - A very funny new show. Hopefully season two will be just as good as the first. I am a little disappointed that this show made it to season two and TeleNova (which debuted at the same mid season as Superstore) did not, as I liked the later just a bit more that Superstore.

• The Walking Dead (5) - The only show that I always watch live. And I always watch the following Talking Dead, as I don't have friends to talk to the show about, so this is my version of the work water cooler talk - although I don't think the people on TV ever listen to me when I give my opinions.

Here are the cancelled shows that I am sad to see go:

• Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. - Not sure why I liked this show so much as I didn't really like the Karaoke segments, and some of the other segments seemed a little forced, but still it was a fun show in the style of those shows my mom used to watch when I was a youngster.

• Galavant - I was really disappointed to see this one cancelled, when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend received so much praise. Galavant was by far the funny show and had much better song and dance numbers.

• The Grinder - I thought this show was supper funny, but my friends told me it was awful. Apparently they knew more than I did.

• The Muppets - Although I kept watching this show, I didn't think it was all that great. I was just thrilled to see the Muppets back on TV.

• TeleNova - I thought this was the funniest show on TV last season. It seems no one else agreed with me.

• You, Me and the Apocalypse - I enjoyed this show and the fact that it has been cancelled, mean I will never get to see how it ends?

• Undateable - This was by far my most looked forward to show each week. I enjoyed the show during the first season, and when they went to 'live' episodes last season, I was totally hooked. I watched both the East coast and West coast version, as it was fun to see how they changed it up for the second version 3 hours later. I wonder who many others were watching both episodes each week? If they were to release a DVD set of last with both the East coast and West coast versions, I would plunk my cash down to own this, but my guess is this show will never make it to DVD. Too bad.

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