Friday, September 16, 2016

2016 Fall TV Preview

It's fall, and that means many things, but most importantly, it means the new fall TV season is upon us! Each fall I look forward to picking up the fall preview issues of TV Guide, or in more recent years, TV Week, as TV Guide ceased releasing print editions 10 years ago. As long as TV Week continues to put our their print editions, I will be happily plunking my money down for the Fall Preview issue and Returning Series issues each new season.
As you can see from the cover of the Fall Preview issue, there are 53 new shows this season. Here is a list of the seven shows (including two midseason shows) I will be tuning in to and checking out this fall (I'll give each show a rating out of 5 for how much I am looking forward to it - 5 being the ones I am most excited about):

• Son of Zorn (2) - This one looks pretty lame, but the premise of putting an animated character into the real world is at least worth a look.

• Kevin Can Wait (4) - TV Week says, "Do you miss King of Queens so much that you'd watch the exact same show, but with other actors in pace of that show's great supporting cast? Then boy oh boy does CBS have a sitcom for you!" King of Queens rip off... ok, I'm in.

• Man with a Plan (4) - New sitcom with Matt Leblanc. I loved Friends and Episodes, so will try this one out as well.

• The Great Outdoors (3) - I liked Joel McHale in Community, so will give this one a whirl. I'm guessing this one won't make it through the first season though.

• Macgyver (3) - I never watched the original, but this new one is gonna have a tough time living up to McGruber!

• Imaginary Mary (5) - A show with Jenna Elfman and an imaginary (Muppet style) friend. If its any good, it could be my new favourite show.

• Riverdale (1) - Based on the Archie comics, this one is being billed as a bizarre 're-imagining' of the Archie world. I have just started to appreciate the old cartoony Archie comics, but have not been interested in the new updated realistic/gritty style comics. This new show seems more like the newer Archie, so probably one episode will be enough.

All in all, a pretty disappointing fall season. At least we have next weeks Returning Series issue of TV Week to see which of the shows I liked from last season made the leap to this new season. I already know my favourite show didn't make the cut.

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