Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2007 Stanley Cup Fianls

It's finally happened! My two favorite NHL teams, the Anaheim Ducks and Ottawa Senators have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals this year. It almost happened a few seasons ago when the Ducks made it in, but the sens lost game 7 of the semi finals to the Devils to miss the big dance. So this year, the Sens made it in, and I was waiting for the Ducks to make it in. I figured that this year it would be the Ducks who would make it to the 7th game of the semi finals before losing to the Red Wings to once again deprive me of my dream Stanley Cup Final! In tonights match up (game 6), the Ducks would move on to the the Final with a win. At one point in the game they were up 4 to 1. Then Detroit scored two goals to get me worried... was it going to happen again this year? The Ducks even spotted the Red Wings a power play, with just a couple of minutes left to go in the 3rd, with only a one goal deficit. The Ducks managed to hang on and defeat the Red Wings 4 to 3 to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. At that point I was doing somersaults around the living room. The 2007 NHL Stanley Cup Finals this season will be the Anaheim Ducks vs the Ottawa Senators. Now, if only I had gone to Vegas and put some cash on these two teams meeting in the Finals at the beginning of the season.

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