Monday, May 07, 2007

Little Golden Book Monday #9

Today's Little Golden Book is a new addition to my collection. I picked this one up for 49¢ at my local thrift store. Its called "Doctor Dan, The Bandage Man" and on the cover it states; "Inside you will wind two real Band-Aid adhesive bandages". Inside it says "Reissued on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Little Golden Books" and is dated 1977. Inside there is also A Note from the Publishers:
"For a long, long time, the publishers have been ardent admirers of BAND-AID Adhesive Bandages – not only for themselves (publishers seem to cut themselves more than other people) but because of their effect on children. We've noted that BAND-AID Adhesive Bandages not only cheer and comfort small boys and girls who ban themselves up, but they make wonderful playthings as well. No one quite knows how many millions of dolls and stuffed toys and live pets have been patched up in this manner.
Consequently, when the idea for this book came to us, we promptly went to Johnson & Johnson and asked them if they would be willing to help us. They were very nice abut it and asked that we point out that BAND-AID is Johnson & Johnson's trade-mark for its band of adhesive bandages and for several other products in its line."
The story goes on to show Doctor Dan patching up his finger, a little girls leg, a dolly, a pooch, and even old pop!
The text on the final page of the story reads "Some day, perhaps, you or one of your toys may get bumped or cut or scratched. When that happens, you can really use one of the BAND-AID Adhesive Bandages in the front of this book."
Unfortunately for me, some kid, probably 30 years ago, already patched up somebody or something, as those two "free" BAND-AIDs are missing from my book.

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