Friday, May 16, 2008

Morning Funnies Cereal

My 3 year old son has been really getting into superheros recently. This past weekend we attended the Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, WA and had a blast! My son entered the costume contest as Batman. He also got some used Batman action figures, and a ton of comic books out of the 25 cent boxes, including all his favorites; Batman, Iron Man, Spider Man etc. We have been having lots of fun reading though all the comics, and as an added bonus, I am finding lots of great ads, including this full page ad I found in the Batman, issue #432 from April 1989.
It's an ad for a kids breakfast cereal called "Morning Funnies" and from the box artwork in the ad, it looks like the box featured lots of famous comic strip characters such as Dennis the Mennis, Marvin, Hagar, Beetle Bailey, etc., but the cereal looked to be pretty generic looking little happy faces.
The box looked very interesting, as it had a flap on the back that opened like a comic book to revel more comics to read while sitting eating your Morning Funnies.
Back in 1989 I was already a big cereal box collector, and was always on the lookout for new boxes to add to my collection. I don't recall ever seeing this cereal, but since its been almost 20 years, maybe I did see it, but didn't like it enough for it to leave a lasting impression.
In any event, I would love to add one of these boxes to my collection. At least now, I have the ad - that is, if my son will let me have this comic from his collection.


Chris said...

I think I saved one or two of these at the time. They should be still in the basement somewhere. I was never a box collector, but these were neat with the different boxes and the flap.

Ronn Roxx said...

I didn't know others collected cereal boxes at the time, but back in the late 80's I started buying cereal, just for the boxes. Many times, I would just toss the cereal out, as I never really liked eating those crunchy marshmallow cereals, but loved the box artwork on cereals such as Count Chocula. I have a basement full of old boxes ;-)