Monday, May 19, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #56

Today's Little Golden Book is The Little Red Caboose from1953. When I found this book, I immediately thought of my favorite book about a caboose called The Caboose Who Got Loose which was written by Bill Peet in 1971.
The story of the Little Red Caboose see the little caboose saving the day when a large train full of cars beings to loose steam going up a mountain the the little caboose puts on its breaks and stops the train from rolling back down the mountain long enough for another large steam engine to come up behind them and push them all safely up the hill.
The Caboose Who Got Loose on the other hand is about Katy Caboose. She is sad that she is always at the end of the train, and nobody ever bothers to wave at her like they do the engines up front. One day, she accidentally becomes detached from her train and ends up rolling out of control until she flies off the tracks and ends up high in a tree. She ends up finding happiness in high in the tree as as she has a wonderful view of the valley, and many of the animals end up using her as a shelter from the weather.

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