Monday, June 02, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #57

Todays Little Golden Book is Miss Piggy, Queen of Hearts from 1997.
I have always been a big fan of the muppets ever since I first saw them on Sesame Street as a youngster. I loved Kermit the Frog, especially when he was the reporter on the street. And Ernie and Bert were pure comedy gold for a young kid! And when the Muppet Show came along, I had a new favorite Muppet, as Fozzie Bear was introduced. I loved all the Muppets... except for one - Miss Piggy.
I never liked the Miss Piggy character, she was always very one dimensional, very annoying and the voice was horrifically awful! I was really annoyed when her character started getting so much of the spotlight. It seemed really odd to me, as I never knew anyone who actually liked the character. To this day, I hear people tell me how much they hated the Muppets, and when you ask why, they always say they disliked Miss Piggy.
At this point, its been almost 10 years since the last poorly received Muppet movie "Muppets from Space" and the most recent TV movie Muppets Wizard of Oz from 2005, was a huge disaster. Now that Disney owns the Muppets, I am sure they would love to reinvigorate them and introduce them to a new generation of fans. But, if they continue to put Miss Piggy in the spotlight, I am sure whatever form they take, they will continue to fail.
Here's hoping Disney has the smarts to leave Piggy in the past and move forward with the rest of the Muppet gang that everyone actually loves!

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