Monday, June 16, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #59

Today's Little Golden Book is from the forth coming Disney / Pixar film WALL.E.
While at my local book store on the weekend I noticed they had lots of various WALL.E books in the kids section and decided to look for the Little Golden Book . I did not find one on the shelves, but asked the clerk in the children's area if they had received a WALL.E Little Golden Book. They went in the back and brought one out for me. It was in back, waiting to be part of a large display for the movie they will be putting out later this week.
Being as the movie is not out yet, I have been trying to keep myself in a media blackout as to the plot and look of the movie. I like going into a movie with little to no idea what its about, so as to make it all the more exciting. I did open the book to peek at one of the pages, just to wee what the art looked like. I was happily surprised to see a small drawing of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on the edge of the page I had opened it to. With a smile on my face, I closed the book. I'll wait until after I have seen the movie to check out the book.

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