Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Thunder Road from Milton Bradley

Thunder Road, The Ram and Wreck Survival Game from Milton Bradley, 1986.
I picked up this very cool board game recently at my local thrift shop. Amazingly, it still has all its parts, which includes; 2 Switch & Link game boards, 12 cars, 4 choppers, 8 wrecks, 3 yellow dice, 2 red dice and 1 black dice, as well as a set of game play instructions.
Drive and survive on the never-ending road!
Its a desert road race played on a unique gameboard that never ends. Drive on the road and try to survive. Outrun opponents and dump the stragglers left behind. Switch & link the gameboard to create a new road every time you need one.
You have three attack cars and one aerial assault chopper. use them to ram and shoot at opponents' cars. Wreck them and ride to victory.
The last surviving car owns the road and its driver becomes the ultimate survivor. Will it be you?
Today, my son and I decided to set it up and have some fun. Once I got it set up, I decided to get some photos so I could share it with you!


Anonymous said...

but what about the awesome jingle from the commercial? who wrote that gem?
I wake up in the morning humming it, often.

C said...

Whoa, i had that game too. Its a quick game.