Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #70

Today's Little Golden Book is Charlie. This copy is the third printing from 1976, with the original printing being 1970.
I found this book in a large pile of Little Golden Books at my local Talize thrift super store. Of the 60 or so books they had on the shelves, this was one of the only few I did not already have, and I was drawn by the illustration of Charlie on the cover. When I flipped it open, I saw the illustration of Charlie standing atop a fire hydrant on the inside front page. As you may or may not know, I produced a KISS fanzine called Firehouse Magazine for 18 years, and in that time I grew a fondness for fire hydrants and firehats. "Carlie" was well worth my 69 cents.
I am a little curious about the small yellow dot on the top right of the front cover. It looks like a good spot for the price, but the dot is pretty small for writing in the price by hand. Anyone know what the dot is for?
The story is about Charlie a cute little city cat who dreams of playing tiger in the grass, but wonders how he can play tiger when he could only find one tuft of grass. Charlie makes his way to a nice spot with trees and grass and flowers, as well as a little pool with moss and ferns around it and a fountain in the middle. Charlie had never seen such a beautiful place. "I could play Tiger there," he said to himself, "Tiger in the tall, cool grass." He then finds Mrs. Twilliger who's hat is blown off her head and high into a tree. Charlie climbs the tree to save Mrs. Twilliger's hat and all the children watching cheer. One of the kids takes the cat home where Charlie is given a nice new cat house and a large yard full of tall grass perfect for playing Tiger in the grass.

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