Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #71

Today's Little Golden Book is Blue Barry Bear Counts From 1 To 20. I picked this one up as I had never seen it before and I liked the artwork of the silly little blue bear on the cover. I also liked the first page illustration of Barry and a cute little rabbit holding some balloons. The little bunny reminded me of a cross between the characters that were on all the Hallmark cards my friends sent me over the past 15 years and one of my favorite Muppet characters, Bean Bunny.
If you check out the small text on the inside front page, this book is copyright 1991, and also has the roman numerals MCMXCII, which I had to look up on Google, and it turns out is 1992, so I guess this book has a copyright of 1991 in North America and 1992 in Rome ;-)

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